What Can You Expect at El Paso Locomotive FC Games?

This week we spoke with General Manager of Business Operations for the El Paso Locomotive FC, Andrew Forrest to ask him about what attendees can expect at games. Soccer is one of the most popular sports in the world, but it can feel foreign to some Americans that follow American football, basketball, or baseball instead. Most parents have at least cheered their children on in youth soccer games, and soccer or futbol is our bi-national sport in this region. Now we have a United Soccer League (USL) team representing our humble City.
We asked Andrew Forrest more about what to expect for anyone that hasn’t attended a USL game.
For new soccer fans, what can they expect on the field?
Our fans can expect a level of soccer most have never seen before.  With players from all over the world and Coach Mark Lowry’s possession oriented system we will keep the ball, frustrate opponents, and attack as a team.
Will there be special themed promotions for games? 
Yes!  There will be multiple promotional giveaway nights that include the first game with schedule magnets and another game with soccer balls for youth.  There will also be three nights of fireworks throughout the year!

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